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One More on the Kochs (or, Why I Just Can’t Gin Up the Outrage)

The objection to the Koch brothers seems to generally be that they are rigging the political process to pursue their own interests and thereby subverting the public interest. In other words, they’ve got the gall to get involved in politics … Continue reading

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Economic Stagnation and Regime Uncertainty

Somewhere recently (I think at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen, but perhaps at The One Best Way), I mentioned the concept of regime uncertainty as a key to the length of the Great Depression and a possible factor in the … Continue reading

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Conflating Libertarianism and Conservatism

I decided to take a cursory look at the Koch brothers, and the picture below is from the first article that came up in Google. It’s from the New Yorker, Aug. 30, 2010. Take a close look at the caption. … Continue reading

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Defending Libertarianism

The Combine Conservative-Liberal Assault on Libertarianism I’ve increasingly found myself defending libertarianism not just from those who think it’s a misguided approach, but from those who insist that libertarianism has become just a form of reactionary conservatism, due to the … Continue reading

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The House Health Care Debate–The Right Thing to Do

The House begins debating a bill to repeal last year’s health care bill. Although the chances of actually repealing the health care law are vanishingly remote, this is the right thing to do. First, chances of repeal are vanishingly remote … Continue reading

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Odd Marketing Pitch

“Offer exceptional site pollution coverage to your commercial clients” Come again? ________________________________________________ From

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Phylum Democrata

This is several years old, but I just rediscovered a copy in my pictures file. For my money, Get Fuzzy is the funniest comic strip running. For those inclined to be offended, you need to read Get Fuzzy more often … Continue reading

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Barack Obama: Another F in Economics

President Barack Obama: Our mission has to be to accelerate hiring and to accelerate growth. And that depends on making our economy more competitive so that we’re fostering new jobs and new industries and training workers to fill them. . … Continue reading

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Classroom Decorum

How far should I go in imposing behavioral rules in my classroom? I have a new thought on that–new to me anyway, which is that the classroom is my professional environment, and I have the legitimate authority to make it … Continue reading

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Can Part-time Work Buy a Middle-class Standard of Living?

But if you are content with the standard of living of the 19th century’s middle class, you could probably do that while working half time right now. That’s an off the top of my head guess. I think I’ll have … Continue reading

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