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More Economic Nonsense from League Commenters

From commenter Francis: Free markets are good for allocating certain kinds of goods, but terrible at others. Potable water, for one. Oh, really?

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What’s Wrong With the Internet

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Krugman on Popular Economic Debate

Engaging in economic discussions with “that kind of liberal” always makes me think of Paul Krugman’s brief essay, “What Do Undergrads Need to Know About Trade”, which helps guide my approach to my political economy class, even though I ultimately … Continue reading

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A Bad Sort of Homecoming

I left the League of Ordinary Gentlemen after a relatively short time there because it quickly became clear I didn’t fit in well there. And my foray back, discussing Jason Kuznicki’s post about my post on living a 1950s middle … Continue reading

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Does Income Inequality Harm the Economy?

In relation to the growing inequality in income distribution in the U.S., I keep hearing claims that income inequality is economically harmful. But I keep hearing that from liberals without noticeable competence on economic matters, and I’m not noticing it … Continue reading

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More on the Middle Class

In an interesting coincidence, just as I got into a debate over changes in median income at Dispatches, Jason Kuznicki commented at League of Ordinary Gentlemen on my “part-time labor can buy a 1950s middle class lifestyle” post, leading to … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

It’s midterm week, always a lousy week. But at least it’s followed by spring break. Spring break is good if I get my grading done early, otherwise it’s a week filled with dread of grading and impending stress of the … Continue reading

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Global Warming: What James Hansen Didn’t Say

I’ve critized James Hansen for things he said. It’s only fair then, to point out something he didn’t actually say. President Obama ‘has four years to save Earth.’ This is the headline of the article from the Guardian. I love … Continue reading

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Russ Roberts’ Congressional Testimony on the Stimulus

Russ Roberts testified before Congress on the effects of the economic stimulus package. … Over the last two years, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has injected over half a trillion dollars into the US economy in hopes … Continue reading

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Alex Tabarrok on the Failure of Keynesian Politics

Alex Tabarrok has a thought-provoking post on the failure of Keynesian politics. Not the failure of Keynes’ economic theory as a policy solution to recessions, but the political failure to manage to implement a Keynesian policy. Let’s accept for the … Continue reading

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