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Belize Debriefing

Belize is great, and everyone should go. OK, not everyone, but everyone who is at all intrigued. I hope to lead a trip down there next year during my Spring Break (last week of February). If you meet the qualifications, … Continue reading

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Off-Line for a Week

I’m off to Belize for the next ten days. Officially it’s a research trip. I even got a small research grant to pay for it. It doesn’t suck to be me.

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Arab League Backs Libyan No-Fly Zone

It’s being reported today that the Arab League will support a no-fly zone in Libya. That could be a game-changer, even if the African Union doesn’t support it. But would a no-fly zone make a difference?

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Fukuyama’s Back

I despise Francis Fukuyama. He’s the guy who became famous for having happened to write a “turgid” (as one reviewer described it) book called The End of History, just about the time the Soviet Union collapsed. Nearly everyone misunderstood the … Continue reading

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Following Up on China

A commenter at Roger Pielke’s blog points to this Wired article predicting the economic collapse of America from China’s new program to try to develop thorium-based nuclear power. It’s a hoot. A Chinese thorium-based nuclear power supply is seen by … Continue reading

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China Moves on CO2 Production

Unfortunately, in the wrong direction. I don’t buy the argument that currency manipulation is the real culprit, but it’s always good to have a scary villain.

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Anti-Mercantilism in One Simple Snark

From a commenter at Cafe Hayek: I sold my house, my cars, all my clothes, my furniture, my appliances, all the food in my cupboards, my stocks, and every single thing I own, except the smartphone I am using to … Continue reading

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New Courses: “The Contemporary Middle East” and “Atomic Weapons and Power”

I’m presently working on two new courses that have me excited. One is a course to take students to the Middle East for three weeks during my College’s May term. We’re planning for our first trip to be in 2012, … Continue reading

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NCLB and Critical Thinking

This is purely anecdotal evidence based on casual observation, but I’ve had a number of friends who teach college argue that they’ve seen a sharp downturn in student performance in the last few years, particularly in critical thinking skills. Simple … Continue reading

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The Depressing Work of Grading Midterms

Q: Has the executive branch become unconstitutionally powerful in response to the war on terror? A: No, the people elect him to protect us from foreign threats. That’s the question I gave, and that’s the answer I got (from some … Continue reading

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