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A Primer on Natural Born Citizenship

Because a colleague of mine asked for it, so that I have already put in the time and effort, I’m going to post this. It’s a brief primer on the birther arguments against Obama being eligible for the presidency and … Continue reading

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Founding Myths

From a student term paper: Biblical scripture is not necessarily quoted in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Federalist Papers, etc… but there are MANY references to such in these documents. No source cited for that claim, no examples given … Continue reading

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Strategic Gregariousness

A funny thing happens on college campuses this time of year, college professor suddenly become much more gregarious, hanging out in each others’ offices or gathering in clumps in the hallway. It’s a great way to avoid grading. My wife, … Continue reading

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Over at Philip J. Berg’s birther website,, where the masthead proudly says “By the Law Offices of Philip J. Berg”, there is a post titled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PHILIP J. BERG, ESQUIRE.” My birthday’s coming up soon. Be on … Continue reading

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Syria Update

Upfront warning: This is a long one. Syria has reportedly closed its border with Jordan, although a government official denies this. It wouldn’t be surprising, though–Jordan is to the south of Syria, and Daraa, the epicenter of the protest movement, … Continue reading

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Trump Redux

I’m not going to say too much more I hope) about the sideshow (we hope) that is Donald Trump’s presidential bid, but I can’t help responding to his comments on foreign policy in interviews this past week. I didn’t see … Continue reading

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Mission Creep in Libya

The U.S. has begun using Predator drones in Libya</a?. One the one hand, this is only a minor tactical change from bombs and cruise missiles. On the other hand, it is at odds with the President’s March 28 speech in … Continue reading

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Delaware Civil Unions a Non-Event

Fred Clark makes a telling point about about the Delaware legislature’s vote to establish civil unions. What was remarkable was how big a deal this wasn’t. On the one hand, Equality Delaware is right to describe this vote as “historic” … Continue reading

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Seriously, I Believe in the Regime Uncertainty Theory

A near government shut-down caused stocks to fall. They fell again after Standard and Poor’s announced a 33% possibility that it might downgrade U.S. debt within the next two years. Call me crazy, but I think there just might be … Continue reading

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Roger Pielke on the Stern Review and the IPCC4

I’ve been casually picking my way through Roger Pielke, Jr.’s The Climate Fix: What Scientists and Politicians Won’t Tell You About Global Warming. His general take is mine also: global warming is happening, but the the “official consensus” misstates and … Continue reading

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