Education: A Hopeless Task?

Some students have a knack for making their teachers feel like trying to educate them is a hopeless task. Here’s an email I received from a colleague.

In one of my upper level classes this semester, I had a student who did not use proper capitalization — both at the beginning of sentences and for proper names. The first and second reports I simply reduced the grade appropriately. After the third one I told her I would not accept another report without proper capitalization. When I returned the fourth report for the aforementioned reason and told her I would not accept it until she revised it with proper capitalization, this was her response:

“sorry about that, macs don’t automatically do capitalization so sometimes i don’t catch it. here’s the new one”

Thank god this is the last week of classes.

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4 Responses to Education: A Hopeless Task?

  1. Scott Hanley says:

    My first response would be to beat my head against a wall. My second response would be to ask, “Wait a minute. Why should it be my head banging against a wall?”

  2. Dr X says:


    Sorry for the OT, I couldn’t find an email address for you. Wondering if you saw this interview:

    Fisk bait. Maybe not something you want to take up, but I thought the comments about China especially merit some attention. The interviewer seemed slightly better informed than the typical reporter, but still it was a softball interview that didn’t call him on his crap with follow up that would expose him.

    Interesting and disturbing stuff. It seems to me that his strategy is transparent.

  3. Lance says:

    Density Duck,

    Since this is a related thread I wondered if you had a response to my last post in the “Sometimes I Get Angry” thread?

    It has dropped off of the main page and I though perhaps you didn’t see it.

  4. Lance says:

    “Thank god this is the last week of classes.”

    Amen Brother.

    I have two more of each section and then the final exam.

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