Prosecutors Aim to Stifle Pastor Jones in Dearborn

Government gets it wrong, Muslim leader gets it right. Pastor Terry Jones of Quran-burning fame plans to come to Dearborn, Michigan–a city with a very large Arabic population–and protest at the Islamic Center of America. Country prosecutors have asked the courts to enjoin him from doing so, on the grounds that the protest could result in violence–“complete with the discharge of firearms”–that would put Jones’ life in danger. To clarify, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office is asking the court to violate Jones’ First Amendment rights and affirm the heckler’s veto.

Meanwhile, a group of Christian and Muslim religious leaders joined together to ask Jones not to come, a perfectly legitimate approach. And Dawud Walid of the Council on American-Islamic relations condemned the prosecutor’s request, correctly pointing out that;

their approach innocently plays into Jones’ objectives, which is to paint Dearborn as a pro-sharia city that’s oppressing Christians,

What are the odds the right-wingers who keep demanding that moderate Muslims step up will notice this moderate Muslim defending Jone’s right to protest at a mosque? Yeah, I can’t put that many zeros to the right of the decimal point on my calculator, either.

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  1. ppnl says:

    Weird mouse over effects in this post. I think you have a broken “a” tag after the “come to Dearborn Michigan” link.

  2. BSK says:


    What I’m more worried about is that not only will conservatives and others ignore the efforts of Muslim leaders to defend Jones’ rights, but they’ll jump at the opportunity to vilify any Muslim who does speak out about the protest, even if in doing so they still support his right to do so and only object to the general inappropriateness of protesting a religion’s existence. And if, god forbid, any Muslims do react inappropriately or violently, they will have a field day holding them up as the poster boys for Muslims around the world.


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