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Michigan’s Unseasonably Cold Spring Disproves Global Warming

That is, if we use this Middlebury College environmental studies’ prof’s standard of evidence. Hmm, I’m pretty sure I remember being told that it was only the media and other non-scholarly folks who went overboard in making such pronouncements.

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A friend of mine had a student drop out of a college American Government class this past year, because the student was having trouble understanding the subject. The student’s comment was, It’s so confusing–apparently it has three different parts or … Continue reading

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The Devestating Effect of Trade Deficits

Heh, not really. Here are some excellent graphs from Mark Perry, and as they say, a picture is worth an hour long lecture from a poli sci prof.  (Click on images to go to Perry’ posts.) First, here’s some good … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: Made in China

Scott Lincicome took a stroll down to Macy’s and snapped this picture of a shirt from the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection. Some old saying about stones and glass houses is nudging at the back of my mind. Kudos, Mr. … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman Hates Productivity Increases

Paul Krugman’s latest column is astoundingly at odds with mainstream economics. Either that or I’ve misunderstood everything I’ve learned. You be the judge. By the middle years of the last decade, I used to joke that Americans made a living … Continue reading

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Obama’s Bold Call on bin-Laden

It’s easier to criticize than to praise, which is why it’s important to pause once in a while to give credit where credit is due. And although it’s now well beyond the timely news cycle, I want to step away … Continue reading

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Worst Parenting Advice Ever

From James Altucher: Don’t travel with them. Traveling is boring, difficult, frustrating, tiring for kids. There is nothing good about taking a kid on vacation. All you are doing the entire vacation is preventing them from drowning. Maybe his kids … Continue reading

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For the Non-Rapture Ready

Wheat-dogg’s going to give us a heads up if the rapture’s for real. I hear tell that the Rapture will happen this Saturday. I’m not clear if the prophet, Harold Camping, has worked out the exact time of the event, … Continue reading

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Syrian General Strike Fails

The general strike that Syrian protesters called for is reportedly has failed. As Syria News Wire says, And that would stand up what some commentators have been saying about this uprising. Unlike Egypt or Tunisia, there is no critical mass. … Continue reading

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Syria Update

A somewhat random update. I’d missed this earlier, but when Bashar Al-Assad ended the emergency law he also abolished the Supreme State Security Court, which was the judicial arm of the secret police.

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