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Drinking in the Southwest

Following AMW’s advice, I’m drinking in the Southwest. A few beers are always appropriate, after all. We’re currently in San Jose, where the Plaza Cafe, recommended, iirc, by D.C. Sessions is temporarily closed due to a fire. Plans to go … Continue reading

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Thank You, New York

Everyone reading this surely already knows that the New York legislature passed a bill authorizing same-sex marriages, but I can’t let the occasion go by without taking notice of it. First, congratulations to all the happy couples who will soon … Continue reading

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Hai Yatus

I’m on vacation until early July, so there’ll be little to no new posting during that time. Thanks to those who gave me New Mexico tips. Enjoy our time apart!

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Originalism as Infantilism

In a discussion about constitutional interpretation at another blog it suddenly struck me that originalism is a form of infantilism. What originalists long for is a single clear authoritative and unquestionable interpretation of what the Constitution means. And that’s really … Continue reading

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Syria Photo Gallery

With Syria in the news and events there looking increasingly ugly, I’d like to post a few pictures from my 2008 trip there, just to try to make Syria at least marginally more real and less abstract. I may have … Continue reading

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The Surprisingly Lively “Dying” Grand Rapids

Newsweek published an article on the top 10 dying cities in the U.S. Three Michigan cities made the list. Unsurprisingly, two of them were Flint and Detroit. Considerably less unsurprising was the inclusion of Grand Rapids. Their criteria seem to … Continue reading

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Political Junkies in Need of an Intervention

Apparently there were people–even liberals–who watched the Republican candidates’ “debate” a couple nights ago. I’m not embarrassed to admit I didn’t even know about it until well into the next day. Addiction is an ugly thing, particularly with a substance … Continue reading

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Bad Health Care Analogies

I haven’t argued in favor of a single-payer healthcare system (or of the awkwardly named Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act*), and I’m not ready to start doing so. But some arguments just aren’t persuasive, like this dreadful analogy from … Continue reading

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Crowd-Sourced Constitutional Convention

Iceland is crowdsourcing the process of developing a new constitution. This ought to be a fascinating case-study for democratic and constitutional theorists, but how generalizable could it be? Offhand I can think of three reasons it may not be applicable … Continue reading

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Bad Dog

Maryland’s Flying Dog Brewery has a bone to pick with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. The brewery gives all of its varieties dog-related names, but the MLCC is drawing the line at Raging Bitch brew on the grounds that the … Continue reading

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