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Political vs. Constitutional Questions on Debt Default

ppnl asks, Also what if the president takes congress to court to have their refusal to raise the debt ceiling declared unconstitutional? Then the courts could order congress to either borrow the money or stop spending. Or more likely, since … Continue reading

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Is a Budget Amendment Constitutionally Appropriate?

Matty asks: Does either proposal [balanced budget amendment or unbalanced budget amendment] really belong as a constitutional ammendment? As I understand it your constitution does two things, sets out the structure of government and sets limits to what laws can … Continue reading

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The 14th Amendment and the Debt Ceiling

Desperate times call for desperate ideas. Some folks are now arguing that section 4 of the 14th Amendment, stating that “[t]he validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law…shall not be questioned,” gives the President executive … Continue reading

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The County Fair

It’s county fair time, and I’ll admit I’m a sucker for it, in all of it’s low class redneck glory. Last night I went to the Tuff Car and Truck race, which pits junker cars against each other on a … Continue reading

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I think I like this Idea

Alex Tabarrok proposes an “Unbalanced” Budget Amendment. The main argument against a balanced budget amendment is that it makes it more difficult to engage in Keynesian counter-cyclical fiscal policy… The unbalanced budget amendment is a requirement that in good times … Continue reading

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China, Not So Green

AEI’s Steven Hayward has a sharply critical commentary on China’s supposed green revolution. His conclusions: Not so green after all, and limited green potential. The likelihood that he’s correct on the second part is, I think, worrisome.

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Come Again?

In the alumni magazine of Greenville College, an article on Bible translation provides a disturbing new way to think about God. [In] John 1:14, the KJV reads, “The word…dwelt among us,” where the Greek word is related to “tent”… In … Continue reading

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Irritating Jargon

From the description for a textbook. The Public Administration Casebook is a practice-based collection that speaks to the lived experience of students Does anyone have an example of an experience that isn’t lived?

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Obama’s Failed Debt-Limit Speech

Michael Gerson calls Obama’s debt-limit speech “mystifying,” and I have to agree. Gerson, head of G. W. Bush’s speech-writing team, knows from experience what makes an effective speech (although he unfortunately mixes in objective and partisan criticisms in his column). … Continue reading

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Better Swim Meet Picture

My brother was at the swim meet this past week and posted this excellent photo on his blog. That’s my youngest daughter doing the butterfly. I think she came in third on that one, but I hasten to add that … Continue reading

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