As Good as it Gets…Ever

No matter how many years you watch sports, you will never see a pass–in any sport–more perfect than this. For you oldsters out there, I’m imagining this being replayed while a voice intones “the thrill of victory.” This is truly one for the ages.

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6 Responses to As Good as it Gets…Ever

  1. Mark Boggs says:

    Well, FIFA has put the kabosh on your video due to copywright so and so, but this game, which I watched from start to finish seemed even a bit reminiscent of the 1980 US-Soviet game. Not so much in that the Brazilians were so strong or favored, but just that the US, playing a man down and having been borderline screwed by a couple officiating issues, seemed to be on life support but managed to make that one last run and do the impossible. An Eruzione (sp?) moment.

  2. Mark Boggs says:

    And not to go on about it, but the fact that Wambach stays so focused on the ball having to sense that the defender, and to a larger extent, the keeper and her fists, are coming the opposite direction for the ball is really remarkable. Most people, sensing the opposition charging, would flinch from that ball trying to protect themselves.

  3. ppnl says:

    If I said that this proves it is better to be lucky than to be good would I be burned as a heretic?

  4. Mark Boggs says:


    No. Having played a bit of football over the years, I’ve found the more evenly matched two teams are the more it often comes down to luck or, unfortunately, officiating issues. They could have had that same scenario a hundred times and not have had it result in a goal due to either a worse cross, a mishit header, better defensive placement, taller goalkeeper with longer reach, etc. To me, that’s what it make it so amazing – it had to happen right then and it did.

  5. ppnl says:

    I think there is an xkcd for every occasion:

  6. James Hanley says:

    It seems to me that good players get lucky more often. You’d have to be pretty good just to get that pass anywhere close enough to Wambach for there to be any chance at being lucky.

    And if there’s not an XKCD for every occasion, there soon will be.

    (P.S. Is anyone really surprised that FIFA pulled the video? If ever there was an organization so disfunctional that it couldn’t even recognize the value of free advertising, it would be FIFA. Too many headers among their brain trust, I imagine.)

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