Idiots All–Tony Perkins Fears Queer Soldiers Edition

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins has trouble with simple statistics.

“Even the Pentagon’s biased report on the subject last year illustrated the dangers of using the military for social engineering. Retention would be harmed — 24 percent of service members said repeal would have a negative impact on their ‘intentions to remain in the military,’ a number six times higher than those who said it would have a positive effect.

My but that “six time higher” sounds terrifying doesn’t it? But do the math and it appears that 72% of soldiers must have answered “no effect” on intention to remain in the military.

So is Tony Perkins an idiot or a liar, or is that a false dichotomy?

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2 Responses to Idiots All–Tony Perkins Fears Queer Soldiers Edition

  1. Lance says:

    Well, his math is correct if stated in a way to exaggerate the effect. Your point, that most service members answered no effect, doesn’t alter the fact that there would be a drop in recruitment.

    I say “So what.” If ending injustice means less bigots in the military all the better. Also there would no doubt be an increase in recruitment among people that were being discriminated against by the policy so it may very well be enough to negate or even surpass the loss of bigots.

  2. James Hanley says:


    Keep in mind not all of those service-members would have re-enlisted anyway. So the impact seems pretty marginal, and as you note, worth the cost of getting rid of the bigots. (After all, the last thing we need is virulent bigots with real military training!)

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