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Rick Perry…WTF!?

There’s a report that Texas Governor Rick Perry pushed a plan to have a Swiss bank buy life insurance policies on retired teachers, essentially betting on how long they’d live, with side payments to the state of Texas. I can’t … Continue reading

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Fighting Corruption with Zero Rupee Notes

Eliminating corruption is one of the trickier tasks on the path to economic liberalization and development. In India, the simple tactic of handing bribe-solictors zero Rupee notes seems to be having a surprisingly strong effect in fighting corruption. The notes, … Continue reading

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Fisking Sam Harris

I’ve never paid much attention to Sam Harris before, beyond knowing that he’s identified as a “new atheist,” and he’s developed some kind of argument for a science of morality that doesn’t exactly seem to be winning over lots of … Continue reading

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Libertarian Utopia

This is funny (of course it is, it’s from The Onion). Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal and an early investor in Facebook, is putting $1.25 million of his own money toward the creation of artificial libertarian island-nations. Here are … Continue reading

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Fun With Students

Yesterday in my political economy class I was playing around with different examples to get students to think about the difficulties inherent in deciding when government should intervene in the economy or not. At one point I asked them to … Continue reading

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Radley Balko to Speak at Adrian College

Radley Balko has accepted my invitation to come speak at Adrian College on Tuesday, Sept. 13, about the increased use of paramilitary police tactics in the U.S. If you’re not familiar with his Cato white paper, Overkill: The Rise of … Continue reading

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Already My Favorite Student

My American Government class meets two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday evening I received the following email (slightly paraphrased). Dr. Hanley, I just added your class. I’ll be missing tomorrow’s class for a team scrimmage.

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Solve for “t”

Looking up a book in, I paused for a second after typing in the first letter of the title, “t.” Can you even begin to imagine how many book titles start with “t”? I assume that the titles that … Continue reading

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Homeopathic Libertarianism?

If I was a libertarian political candidate struggling for votes I’d target the left-wing homeopath crowd. I’d just tell them that the less government there is, the more powerful it will be.

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John Cage’s “4:33”–Rearranged and Autotuned.

The spouse and I went to Second City Theater while in Toronto, and in the program the bio of the music director, Matthew Reid, states that he had performed John Cage’s seminal “4:33,” with autotuning and posted it on YouTube. … Continue reading

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