Great Moments in Student Writing

In a paper about nuclear terrorism:

If a terrorist would tactfully plan out a bombing scheme to hit the East coast of the United States, the fallout alone would affect half the U.S.

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9 Responses to Great Moments in Student Writing

  1. Phil Johnson aka Pinky says:

    So, would a nuclear war ensue and would that have the same effect on civilization as did the Black Death during the Medieval World?

  2. James K says:

    the fallout alone would affect half the U.S

    But it would be tactful fallout, so it would presumably be set up to cause a minimum of distress or disruption.

  3. Phil Johnson (Pinky) says:

    In the event of a nucliear device of such great significance that it would “affrect” such a large number of people, it seems the purposes of such an act would set the stage for a perpetuation of responses already in place.

    Take into consideration all the various nuclear powers that have contingency plans regarding such an event. The ancient Chinese idea that catastrophe is an opportunity comes to mind. Personally, when situations present themselves tha seem to be to my disadvantage, I look to see if it isn’t a chance to make every thing that much better.

    I’m sure there are plans in place to destroy all the known trouble spots on eart in the event of a nuclear attack.

    That’s why I think a nuclear attack–any place in the world–from any source to any targe–would have the effect of being an opportunity to create a better world in the minds of some power. At that point, it would be every power for itself–no more working with allies.


  4. James Hanley says:


    That danger is why it would be so important, if one is going to detonate such a device, to do it tactfully.

  5. Phil Johnson (Pinky) says:

    That means to have done something in such manner that it wouldn’t upset anyonhe.

    Are you sure that’s the word you want to use?

  6. James Hanley says:

    It’s not my word. It’s the student’s word.

  7. Phil Johnson (Pinky) says:

    Well, then, I understand.
    And, my hat’s off to the student who is testing out his or her ability to get into the mix.
    So, I guess the student is a lot like all others who enter the serious life of one who seeks after truth. Trying your ideas against your peers and well as against those who have travelled far and wide is the way to learning. Not staying stuck on some ideal of your youth is quite an accomplishment.

  8. BSK says:

    Upset? No. Disintegrate? Yes!

  9. James Hanley says:

    I should point out that in class we had discussed the distinction between strategic and tactical nuclear weapons. The student clearly was going for “tactical” rather than tactful,” and in context her meaning was clear. That’s why I enjoyed it–it was a glitch, not stupidity.

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