Another Great Moment in Student Writing

Different class, different student, but maybe even funnier.

While I whore-heartedly agree…

I can’t wait until class on Tuesday; I’m going to have a little fun.

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3 Responses to Another Great Moment in Student Writing

  1. BSK says:

    My hunch is that these are the result of an over reliance on spell check. Though most spell checks nowadays have a “grammar” check, they are pretty awful. They are not likely to catch any of these types of mistakes. People often “edit” their papers by simply looking for red or green squiggles and MAYBE run the checker itself. They don’t realize there is a bit more to it than that. My experiences also tell me that this is not unique to students.

  2. AMW says:

    True story:

    My dad was project manager on a big construction site in Israel. The Israelis wanted to mark a building on site with a banner. Somehow they thought that “warehouse” should be spelled “wherehouse.” One spell check and a sign-making order later they had a banner indicating where their “Whorehouse” was.

  3. Dr X says:

    My preference would be ho-hottedly.

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