Ducks Win!

A good start to the new year, as Oregon beat Wisconsin in the highest scoring Rose Bowl ever. Wisconsin running back Montee Ball was every bit as tough to handle as I’d feared he would be, and Badger quarterback Russell Wilson played a good game (as expected), too. It was a heck of a game, between two very good and fun-to-watch teams; high scoring, but with neither team ever leading by more than a touchdown. Prior to the game even being played writers at were suggesting it had the makings of an instant classic; boy were they right.

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  1. AMW says:

    My parents came down from Portland to attend. (Me and the wife and kids didn’t make it: ticket prices were way too high.) I’m glad they got to witness Oregon’s first Rose Bowl victory in their (and their parents’!) lifetimes. I only caught a bit of the game at a restaurant, and got to see Wisconsin score their final touchdown. Judging from the few minutes of play that I saw (and the astronomical final scores), I’d say there was about zero defense in that game. Can we really call such a game an instant classic?

    Nevertheless: GO DUCKS!!!

  2. James Hanley says:

    I’d say there was about zero defense in that game. Can we really call such a game an instant classic?

    In the context of television, yes. 3-0 defense fests aren’t popular in the re-play market. Plus the back and forth nature of the game, never more than a one score lead for either team, and with more scoring likely to happen in a flash, meant it was a nailbiter all the way.

    The only downside is I’ll never get to see this replayed on the Big 10 network because they only replay Rose Bowls won by Big 10 teams.

  3. Lance says:

    It amazes me that Chip Kelly can continue to innovate plays that get his speedy athletes into space. Most defenses look totally inept in response.

    Of course Wisconsin’s defensive backs have looked pathetic all season long. I went to the Big Ten championship game and I had a feeling that Oregon would light Wisconsin up and that Wisconsin would not be able to score enough points to hang with Oregon.

    At least my Wolverines won, even while generating only 184 yards. The defense gave up huge third downs but then stiffened in the red zone. I can’t remember a Michigan kicker making a game winning field goal to win the game. Usually in Michigan’s history that scenario results in stinging disappointment.

    Denard Robinson is a disaster waiting to happen. Sometimes the disaster happens to the opponent and sometimes it happens to Michigan. I hope to god that their is a young gun quarterback waiting in the wings because my heart can’t take another season of Denard’s chaos.

  4. James Hanley says:

    Michigan should have lost, just on the principle that an also-ran in the division should not have gotten a better bowl than the division winner that beat the also-ran.

    I’m not particularly anti-Michigan (except for joy it gives me to watch my friends suffer when they lose), but I’ve become pretty virulently anti the college bowl selection process.

    Besides, they need to stop thinking their goofy yellow-stripe helmets are cool. This is what a cool helmet looks like.

  5. Lance says:

    Oh, now you’ve gone and done it.(said in my best feudin’ drawl)

    I agree that Michigan did not play well enough to “deserve” to win the Sugar Bowl, but as Clint Eastwood said in Unforgiven, “Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.”

    They put up more points than Va Tech by playing tenacious defense when it counted and making their overtime kick. Did they get some lucky breaks? You bet, but so what. That could be said in any game by the winners.

    But to deride the classic Michigan helmet and praise those hideous chromed-out, idiotic monstrosities worn by the fighting water fowl is beyond the pale. Perhaps the Ducks think that wearing ever more revolting uni’s will cause their opponents to double up in spasms of nausea rendering them unable to compete.

    I must admit that I do await the next iteration of Duck-wear with anticipation but in the same bemused way I wonder what fashion atrocity Lady Ga Ga will perpetrate.

    of course based on your New Year’s attire I shouldn’t be surprised that head wear fashion sense is a glaring personal blind spot.

  6. Lance says:

    I also loath the bowl selection process and despise the BCS in general.

    A playoff system is the only answer, but the entrenched bowl bureaucracy shows no sign of capitulation.

    Although I did notice that many of the bowls were poorly attended, but as long as the TV dough keeps pouring in the NCAA schools will remain content to hold on to the “bird in the hand” of the current archaic and unfair system.

    I can’t believe they don’t realize the ratings bonanza that a single elimination tournament would provide. It would have all of the excitement of the basketball tourney turbocharged by America’s insane blood lust for football.

    It would be like March Madness meets Thunderdome!

  7. James Hanley says:

    of course based on your New Year’s attire I shouldn’t be surprised that head wear fashion sense is a glaring personal blind spot.

    That was my neighbor’s new motorcycle helmet–do you really want me to sic a bunch of Harley riders on you?

    And the Ducks’ lids were simply the most beautiful thing ever seen on a football field (and yes, that comparison includes Janet Jackson).

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