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Farmers, Rice, and Markets

American rice farmers are a little ticked off that Iraq’s Grain Board has decided to stop buying American rice. Seems the Iraqis owe it to “us.” “That’s just not right,” [Texas rice farmer Ray] Stoesser fumed. “If we’ve got some … Continue reading

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Semi-Open Thread: Obama’s Tax Plan

With midterms and whatnot, I can’t work myself up to writing a real post, but if I could, I’d write about Obama’s new tax proposal. So consider this a semi-open thread–what are your thoughts on it?

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Have Conservatives Found Their Anti-Mitt?

The 2012 Republican presidential nomination process has been a bizarre process of the party’s faithful fighting against their establishment; an on-going effort to find a successful counter-claimant to the nominee-apparent. And one-by-one all these Quixotic quitters have been felled by … Continue reading

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Baby’s Got Blue Eyes

While taking care of some administrative details, I stumbled across a student’s senior research project from a couple of years ago that I thought was pretty fascinating. The student was an African-American female, who had brown eyes but often wore … Continue reading

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What’s My Job

Via my wife. It’s not too far-fetched to think my job is some combination of these. And after more than a decade in this business, you’d think my wife would actually know that I’m not always at the beach (this … Continue reading

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Same Sex Marriage in Washington

Washington governor Chris Gregoire has signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Washington. Hooray–the SSM juggernaut rolls on. When Gregoire signed Washington’s “everything but marriage” domestic partnerships bill into law in 2009, I predicted it was the prelude to full-blown … Continue reading

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New San Francisco Bay Bridge

For the engineering-minded reader, here is an interesting article on the new San Francisco Bay Bridge that is being built (a new Eastern portion that is, between Yerba Buena Island and Oakland). You may remember that the last one had … Continue reading

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Santorum Wins–What Does It Mean?

Rick Santorum swept the primaries in Minnesota and Missouri and the Colorado caucus yesterday. So what does it mean? The big news, I suppose, is that Romnney didn’t win Colorado, despite getting 60% of the vote there in 2008. Note … Continue reading

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On Academic Assessment

How’s that for a dry title? I just completed my department’s senior research assessment report, and it was a little bit eye-opening. Assessment is the big new thing in education–if your college wants to be re-accredited, you damn well better … Continue reading

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Funniest Line of the Week

Comes from Karl Rove: conservatives believe in accountability Who knew Karl Rove had such a good sense of humor?

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