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Rand Paul

Rand Paul is making me laugh. Somehow I got on a National Review mailing list, and suddenly I’m getting emails from Rand trying to get my support on bills he’s sponsoring. And either he knows jack about our political system … Continue reading

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The Real Bawdy House Provisions Are Struck Down

You can see above why I named this blog the Bawdy House provisions.  Now comes news that Ontario’s Appeals Court has struck down the province’s bawdy house laws as unconstitutional.

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The Ambassador of Death Is Really Quite Friendly

“Iran has also touted its program, including the armed “Ambassador of Death” drone, which President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveiled by declaring: ‘Its main message is peace and friendship.’” (Source.) Sometimes you can’t but wonder if they’re just saying this sh*t just … Continue reading

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Yes, I Have a Question

What the fuck!? Who, exactly, does Herman Cain think his target audience is? Adolescent males who are going to grow up to be rapists and murderers? *** FYI, for those who wonder why I h’ain’t been posting much lately. Work’s … Continue reading

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PPACA’s Big Day

The Supreme Court will hear several challenges to PPACA on March 28. Their decisions will probably come down in late May or early June. Earlier is possible, but I wouldn’t wager on that.

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Actions, Words, yadda yadda

So we’re still in Afghanistan after a decade. We invaded Iraq, which is now verging on a religious civil war. We have repeatedly violated Pakistani sovereignty. We vetoed Palestinian statehood. We’re talking about bombing Iran. And John McCain publicly advocated … Continue reading

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James Q. Wilson

James Q. Wilson died a few days ago. He was one of most intelligent, far-sighted and humane political scientists America has ever produced. He was a conservative, in the valid and meaningful sense of the word. He is most famous … Continue reading

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Santorum: Makes Me Want to Throw Up

By now we all know that Rick Santorum claimed that John Kennedy’s speech about separation of church and state made him “want to throw up.” You may also have heard that Santorum now “regrets” saying that. What does he really … Continue reading

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