Rand Paul

Rand Paul is making me laugh. Somehow I got on a National Review mailing list, and suddenly I’m getting emails from Rand trying to get my support on bills he’s sponsoring. And either he knows jack about our political system or he’s wagering on his supporters knowing jack.

This is from one I got today, begging me to support his bill in support of a National Right to Work law.

… I sponsored the National Right to Work Act to free U.S. workers from forced unionization and break Big Labor’s multi-billion dollar political machine forever.

President Barack Obama and Big Labor allies in the Senate are now feverishly scheming to bury the National Right to Work Act without a vote.

Zomygod! Burying legislation without a vote! That’s such a. . . a . . . a common occurrence.

OK, Randall, here’s a civics lesson for you, the one you heard a thousand times on TV. Pay particular attention at the 1:40 mark, Senator.

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6 Responses to Rand Paul

  1. Scott Hanley says:

    I never thought about it before, but Washington wouldn’t exactly be the correct venue for that law, would it? I suppose it was chosen because school buses would be relevant to the kiddies.

  2. D. C. Sessions says:

    And here I thought that he, like his papa, was a big-time States’ Rights dude. You know, “laboratories of democracy” and all that, how it’s better to let the States decide things like whether slavery is allowed, whether darkies can drink at the same water fountains as real people, all that.

    And then here he is pushing to deny them the right to their own labor laws. I feel so … betrayed.

  3. Lance says:

    D.C. Sessions,

    “Right to Work” legislation doesn’t “deny” anyone their “rights”, unless you think that forcing people to join a union and pay dues is a right held by unions and their member.

  4. Lance says:

    Uh, upon further review, I see that you were being “ironic” and mocking Paul.

    So, as Emily Latella always said,

    “Never mind.”

  5. dan3265 says:

    Doesn’t his support of right to work laws contradict his opposition to anti-discrimination laws?

  6. Lance says:

    I also love the School House Rock song Conjunction Junction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODGA7ssL-6g.

    I sing it in my classes while introducing conjunctions in set theory and logic. It wakes up the class because almost everybody remembers and loves School House Rock.

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