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This Is What Failure Looks Like

American Government is my most frustrating class to grade, because the mistakes some students make are things they should have come in knowing, much less should know after a semester of a college course. So it was very disheartening on … Continue reading

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Timothy Noah’s Sinking Ship

Yesterday on Talk of the Nation, the New Republic’s Timothy Noah talked about the growing divide between rich and poor. According to him, economic inequality an especially troublesome problem today, causing more political problems than in the past because it … Continue reading

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Help a Friend, Take a Quiz?

Following up on my post about “the real libertarian,” I asked folks over at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen to provide me with some data. If you don’t read the League, so haven’t seen this request, I’m repeating it here. … Continue reading

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I Hate Mindless Partisanship

Well, we all say we do, but… Grading papers today I across the following, “…’cabal, intrigue, and corruption,’ which, interestingly enough, are the three virtues embossed on the Clinton family coat of arms.” This, despite the instructions for the assignment … Continue reading

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Who’s the Libertarian?

Sometimes a picture is worth more than 1,000 words. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the diagram that comes with the (in)famous “world’s smallest political quiz” that is so beloved by libertarians. Forget the quiz for a moment … Continue reading

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The Economic Gains from Emigration…

…are frickin’ huuuuge! The gains from eliminating migration barriers dwarf—by an order of a magnitude or two—the gains from eliminating other types of barriers. For the elimination of trade policy barriers and capital flow barriers, the estimated gains amount to … Continue reading

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Ironic Statement of the Week

At a recent meeting at my college–a private, religiously-affiliated, school–one of my colleagues criticized a local philanthropist (who has given generously to my college) for their support of a private, church-run K-12 school in my town, complaining that the school … Continue reading

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Responding to a Bad Thought Experiment, or What’s Wrong with Criticisms of Libertarianism

A very long response to a typically inaccurate liberal critique of libertarianism. Libertarians come in many flavors, but I think most of them would agree that in an ideal world, the government would be very small and have limited powers … Continue reading

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Just Joking

[Here’s another old draft I never previously published.] I heard this in the bathroom of a bar in Belize. What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball? . . . . . Juan on Juan. What do you call two … Continue reading

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Liars and Fools

[Scanning through draft posts to see what I never got around to putting up, I found this. It’s pretty untimely now, but it’s still worth putting out there.] Meanwhile, Rick Perry is proposing a part-time Congress, desperately hoping to play … Continue reading

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