Why I hate the media, part 9,783


President Barack Obama continues to hold a small – and slightly narrowing – lead over Mitt Romney, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll (emphasis added)… This poll…shows the Democrat leading Romney by four points among registered voters, 47 percent to 43 percent.

In April, Obama’s edge in the survey was two points higher, 49 percent to 43 percent.

Pop Quiz: Candidate Y’s numbers don’t change, Candidate X’s numbers change only within the margin of error. Do we actually know whether the lead is narrowing?

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2 Responses to Why I hate the media, part 9,783

  1. Troublesome Frog says:

    I think this pretty much sums up the media’s relationship with statistics.

  2. Lance says:

    Statistical significance is boring to news wonks. It amuses me that they will occasionally mention that the results fall within the margin of error and then talk about why candidate “A” has a lead over candidate “B”.

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