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My Dog Is Sheldon Cooper

I was sitting outside doing grading for summer classes, and had the dog outside with me. After a while I thought he might be getting thirsty, so I brought his food and water dish outside. He sniffed at it, then … Continue reading

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She Is the One Percent

I met an older lady, in her 80s, yesterday, who if she isn’t truly among the 1% is close enough. And here’s what I learned about her–not from her, since she didn’t talk about herself, but from our mutual friend. … Continue reading

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In Memorium, Elinor Ostrom

Nobel Prize winning political scientist Elinor Ostrom died recently at age 78. I am saddened by the loss of someone I knew, liked, and respected both personally and professionally. This memorial to her is a combination of personal recollection, what … Continue reading

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This is Austerity?

Paul Krugman says, Look first at total government spending — federal, state and local. Adjusted for population growth and inflation, such spending has recently been falling at a rate not seen since the demobilization that followed the Korean War. Is … Continue reading

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Vroom, Sort Of

This was my weekend That’s the Indy Racing League Grand Prix of Detroit, run on the streets of Belle Isle Park. It was great for 45 laps, then the road surface started falling apart. More specifically, patches of some type … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

Years ago I read a book of stories about the British Foreign Office in Eastern Europe during the pre-war years. Each chapter is a self-contained humorous short story, with a memorable cast of recurring characters, poking fun at the foibles … Continue reading

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