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Memo to an Ex-President

Dear President Clinton, No, Barak Obama does not have a plan for rebuilding America “from the ground up.” Nor does America need to be rebuilt from the ground up. Respectfully, The Anti-Bullshit League of America

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The Future of Higher Education

This began as a comment reply to Pinky’s partially tongue-in-cheek comments about the future of higher education, but it got so long I decided to make it a post instead. Regarding higher education in the U.S., the structure of the … Continue reading

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Minor Irritations

For various boring reasons I chose to teach a once-a-week evening section of American Government this term. I avoided Wednesday or Thursday because we have some other once-a-week classes those nights, and I avoided Tuesday, because last year that was … Continue reading

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Bad Design

This morning at Staples, I pushed the “Done” button on the credit card machine before I even signed my name. I think the reason was that the “Done” button was at the top of the screen, above the signature box. … Continue reading

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Romney’s Ryan Strategy

Ask and ye shall receive (if I’m in the mood). Dr. X asked about my thoughts on the tactical merits of Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for his veep candidate. Campaign and elections, particularly as they relate to the strategy … Continue reading

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The Campaign

Am I alone, or is anyone else already bored shitless by this presidential campaign?  You realize we have three months, a whole quarter, left?  Egads.  I just don’t care.  I wouldn’t have thought there’d be a presidential election that inspired … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney and the Left’s Cultural Ambivalence

The flap over Mitt Romney’s Israeli vs. Palestinian culture comments is, of course, just another insignificant little teacup tempest. It’s silly season in American politics, so we need something to talk about. So what the hell, I’ll comply. Here’s Romney’s … Continue reading

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