Mormons: We Are the 46%

My friend just tipped me off to this map. In response to Romney’s complaint that almost half of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes–and his implication that they’re all Democrats–The NYT analyzed where the non-payers live.

No surprise that it’s the Republican dominated south, since they have higher poverty rates* and lots of Social Security pensioners retire down there. But what amuses me is Utah. Surely a large part of that is the child tax credit’s effect on the calculation of taxable income for families with large children. (Idaho, too, as it has a large Mormon population.) It’s logical. And as long as we want to have a child tax credit, it’s fine and dandy.

Mitt’s really talking about his own people, not just his ideological supporters but his religious brethren. I just fishin’ love politics. It doth make liars and fools of us all.

*Although that’s a bit of a fudge, since the official poverty line is based–I think–on a national average cost of living, while the cost of living in the South tends to be a lot lower. I.e., you can have lower income in Georgia and be just as well off as someone with more income in Massachusetts. I remember a grad school friend from California who was offered a job in Nebraska. He couldn’t believe how low the pay was, until another friend pointed out the difference in housing costs.

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