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Possibly the Stupidest Man in Hollywood

Roger L. Simon, a drama school graduate, fiction writer, and faculty member at the American Film Institute, thinks Obama should be impeached over the Benghazi attacks. It’s not the crime, but the cover-up, we learned in an earlier impeachment, only … Continue reading

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I Want a Driverless Car

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Google’s driverless car, which is safer than human drivers. I want one. I don’t care for driving, and I tend toward attention-drift and tunnel vision. I have a distressing ability to simply not … Continue reading

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New Car Politics

Dude over at Gin and Tacos wants a new car.  Here’s what he’s looking for. I want a new car. I’m looking for something that meets the following criteria: drives like a Formula One car (0-60 in no more than … Continue reading

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Hello Professorial

Ah the joys of auto correct. I just received an email a student sent using his cell phone, and the greeting was “Hello Professorial.” I like it. Just as “Reverend” is an adjective, rather than a noun, attached to ministers’ … Continue reading

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School Lunches Made Me a Libertarian

Not really. I never ate cafeteria lunches. My mom wouldn’t waste money on such frivolities when I could pack my own lunch. Which was better than having her pack it for me, since her idea of a ham sandwich was … Continue reading

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Sick to Death of Politics

If you’re wondering why I haven’t written much lately (and who isn’t?), the simple answer is that I am thoroughly repulsed by politics right now. I can’t even read the League of Ordinary Gentlemen these days because I am sick … Continue reading

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New Jersey Speaks for Virginia

According to one midterm exam in American Government, at the Constitutional Convention, the Virginia Plan was proposed by New Jersey. I wonder how the Virginians reacted to that?

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