Sick to Death of Politics

If you’re wondering why I haven’t written much lately (and who isn’t?), the simple answer is that I am thoroughly repulsed by politics right now. I can’t even read the League of Ordinary Gentlemen these days because I am sick of blog posts analyzing each minor twist and turn of the presidential race, but even more I am sick of those particular writers and commenters who can’t think outside a narrow ideological frame; folks who in fact don’t think, but just react automatically with predetermined tropes and set-piece arguments. Sick as in I realized that trying to read them was just making me nit only angry but actually nauseous. Let’s face it, it’s impossible to run an open blog and not have it be ruined by ideologues. The only way to have a decent blog is to employ a ruthless commenting policy that runs off anyone who is overly ideological.

This applies doubly to the idiocy of campaign partisanship. Here’s a note to Republicans: the administration’s miscommunications over the attack on our Libyan consulate are not a major foreign policy issue. You’re all just a bunch of useless numpties desperately eager to blow something–anything–out of proportion for electoral advantage. Why don’t you all shut the hell up and get back to us when Obama makes a foreign policy blunder as bad as Reagan’s marines in Beirut or Iran-Contra blunders.

And you Democrats, quit pretending Big Bird’s got a gun to his head. Sesame Workshop is a $40 million+ a year operation with over $200 million in net assets. You market-morons really think that no other channel/network would jump all over the big yellow idiot and his pedophilic Tickle Me friend? 8% unemployment and an important Middke East state in a civil war and you’re worried about indirect public support for a very profitable non-profit? And you’re planning a million muppet march? May all your muppets be poxed.

Then I had to spend the weekend at my mom’s house. Good god, she has an anti-Democrat flyer taped to her front door handle. And she has a new coffee cup–although she doesn’t drink coffee–advertising an anti-Democrat twitter page. Growing up, I never heard my mom talk about politics; now it’s all talk radio al the time, and the more outrageous the claims, the more eager she is to believe them. She’s who Hitler was talking about.

I hate being asked what I do these days. Everyone responds with a knowing smile and some variation if, “Oh, so this must be an interesting time for you.” No, no, it’s not. It’s an intensely irritating time. For the near future I am not a political scientists, ok, America? I am a geologist. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

[update: I forgot the 2nd debate is tonight; that changes everything. The last debate proved that Romney was the better candidate and Obama is a dog if a President, because R. was energetic while O. was thinking about how the White Sox blew their three game lead over the Tigers, or something like that. But if O. can come out swinging tonight it will prove he really is the best candidate to lead us into a new American century, while if Romney does his fake laugh it will prove he plans to create a new American feudalism by forcing the middle class into indentured servitude, turning all their property over to the rich, and feeding them with the boiled flesh of the poor. Do watch it; it will be enlightening.]

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4 Responses to Sick to Death of Politics

  1. pierrecorneille says:

    “folks who in fact don’t think, but just react automatically with predetermined tropes and set-piece arguments….it’s impossible to run an open blog and not have it be ruined by ideologues.”

    I try to be an ideologue, but when I do, some d–n libertarian demolishes my arguments. :)

  2. James Hanley says:

    Heh, What makes you a great participant here (and at the League), Pierre, is that you’re undoubtedly very liberal, but you don’t let your knee jerk. I’ve often thought you’re in the top 5% of that ability among internet commenters I’ve known.

  3. Troublesome Frog says:

    I kind of figured that the recount fiasco in 2000 would have been a much more interesting time than now. I don’t see anything particularly special about the environment now, except maybe the semi-public showdown between fact checkers and politicians.

    I was fortunate enough to have been an econ major during the tech bubble burst and the housing bubble inflation. Lots of interesting chatter. It’s like being a geology major when the Yellowstone Caldera starts acting up or a microbiology major during the appearance of some horrible plague. I always think of the Paul Krugman in 2008 when the 3 month treasury bill went negative: “Professionally, I’m fascinated. As a citizen, I’m terrified.”

  4. Jeremy Sell says:

    The postseason Tigers have been a nice excuse to avoid the debates…mostly.

    I’m kind of surprised I haven’t seen any conservative ideologues point out the size of the American flag lapel pins on the candidates. I think the GOP pins are a bit larger, therefore the democrats hate America. Blowing up extraordinarily subtle observations are what ideologues do best.

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