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Is It Time for the Two (or Three) State Solution?

Last year Palestine floated the idea of just declaring independence. President Obama quickly squashed that idea by making it clear we would not recognize an independent Palestine. (“You can’t just declare independence, you have to negotiate it,” said the president … Continue reading

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Why I Want a Driverless Car

Yesterday was a bad driving day. We were in Grand Rapids for a three-day swim meet. Sunday afternoon I had my 15 year old daughter drive from the hotel to the pool, and just as she signaled to move into … Continue reading

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While two of three states with marijuana initiatives were passing them, a much quieter approach was taken in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The measure, which passed with 74% of the vote, reads: Shall the Ypsilanti City Charter be amended such that the … Continue reading

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A Little Piece of Paradise

This is the small pond in my backyard. I only meant to take a picture showing the piece of 1×8 pine board that I’d sawed out to direct water from the downspout to the pond, a piece that looked too … Continue reading

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Three Cheers for Equality

Maine and Maryland voters have legalized same-sex marriage, joining Massachusetts as “M” states that allow it. Coincidentally, those are the first three “M” states, alphabetically. Can Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and Montana be far behind? Sadly, the answer is probably … Continue reading

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Another Tea Party Implosion

[This was meant to be a fairly short post, but it got away from me. I’ve chosen not to revise and edit for brevity, but leave it as an overly long rumination on the state of the Republican Party.] Once … Continue reading

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