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Burrito Drones

The world is a weird and wonderful place. Coming soon–pending FAA permission–home delivery of Mexican food via drone aircraft. The good folks at Darwin Aerospace have figured out how to use drones to parachute burritos directly onto your property. They … Continue reading

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Grading Heartbreak

Last spring my grading heartbreak was two students who thought Representatives and Senators were appointed by the president. This term my grading heartbreak is two students who think the United States has a unicameral system…and said that after defining unicameralism … Continue reading

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Best Term Paper Line Yet (this year)

President Obama’s federal budget consists of lots of cute in areas such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.” I’m sure it does.

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Textbook Inflation

I have in mind an American Government website that replaces textbooks.  It would be free to access, and instead of 40-50 page chapters, it would have briefer, but more focused, readings.  For example, instead of a long chapter covering all … Continue reading

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Bodies and Disciplines

So a biologist walks into a faculty meeting and asks, “Can you help me move a body?” Sorry, there’s no punchline. That’s just what happened to me half an hour ago. So you’re a biologist walking into a faculty meeting … Continue reading

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