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Filibusters and Presidential Appointments

I haven’t written much about politics lately, because these days I find most of it quite boring. There’s too much talk about how stupid and wicked conservatives are, or liberals, or whomever someone is righteously angry at. Also because I … Continue reading

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Who Holds the U.S. Debt?

Just about everyone, of course. (Source.)

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“Thanks for Teaching Me Methods”

A former student just made my week, maybe my month. I hadn’t seen him since he graduated, with a double-major in political science and communications, two or three years ago, but he walked into my office unannounced and said, “I … Continue reading

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“White America Died” on Election Night, or so says Pat Buchanan

Did you all hear about this? I can’t believe it wouldn’t have been heavily discussed, but somehow I missed it completely. “White America died last night. Obama’s reelection killed it. Our 200 plus year history as a Western nation is … Continue reading

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UnSkewed Polls Keeps on Sucking

UnSkewed Polls, the blog that thought it was correcting the Democratic bias inherent in most polling data, and that so many conservatives faithfully believed would rub Nate Silver’s nose in the mud, just keeps on acting as though they truly … Continue reading

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The Value and Purpose of Discussion

On my prior post I mentioned that I’m going to experiment with having my American Government students write posts for, and participate in discussion on, a class blog. In response, Pinky asked a good question: I would like to see … Continue reading

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Almost Making a Mockery of Myself

My wife did me the favor of proofreading my syllabus last night, and noticed the really ironic error in this section: Dr. Hanley will provide necessary html formatting, but will not correct grammar or typos—7our post will be under your … Continue reading

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At last, a Deal!

No, not the fiscal cliff. The NHL. But at this point their alternatives seem to be playing only 30 games or having the Stanley Cup finals in July.

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