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This Old House–Updated with Lance’s House!

Today’s finally a nice spring day, temps in the mid 50s, and I’m in the mood to start working on the house and yard. I have a lot I hope to do this year, but then that’s been the case … Continue reading

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The Standing Question in U.S. v. Windsor

I’m a bit of a process geek, and in the U.S. v. Windsor case, the question of jurisdiction is really darn fascinating (if, that is, you’re a process geek). Here’s the quick background: New York residents Edith Windsor and Thea … Continue reading

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Hollingsworth v. Perry & U.S. v. Windsor

At the reasonable request of Dr. X, let’s discuss the arguments in the same-sex marriage cases. Hollingsworth is the case reviewing the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8, and Windsor is the case reviewing the constitutionality of DOMA. Here is the … Continue reading

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My Dinner with Richard Rhodes

Last week I had the privilege of spending an afternoon with Richard Rhodes, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Making of the Atomic Bomb, and the other 3 books in his history of nuclear weapons, Dark Sun, Arsenals of Folly, and … Continue reading

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SSM & SCOTUS: Mark Your Calendars!

I just received a bulletin announcing that the Supreme Court will be hearing the challenge to California’s Prop 8 (Hollingsworth v. Perry) will be heard on March 26, and the challenge to DOMA (U.S. V. Windsor) on March 27. The … Continue reading

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Maple Street Is Out of Compliance

I found out today why my cash-strapped city had replaced all the old and somewhat battered street signs in town with very nice new ones this past year–the Department of Transportation required it. Yes, the federal government tells every municipality … Continue reading

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