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Marginalism in Everything: Cocoa Krispies Edition

My kids, like most, love chocolate cereal. So they were excited about a month ago when we were given six boxes of Cocoa Krispies. The first box went in just over one day. The second box took about three days. … Continue reading

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Fuck You, Mahmoud Khallaf

I have no idea who this asshole is, but he tried to hijack my Amazon account to buy a Sony Playstation for $270. Fortunately Amazon smelled a rat before it shipped, even before I knew something funny had happened, since … Continue reading

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PPACA Followup

I recently pointed to reductions in full-time adjunct instructor employment as a consequence of PPACA’s requirement that employers pay for health care for full-time employees. So if it’s happening in the non-profit groves of academe, what would we expect to … Continue reading

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Interesting Due Process Case

The Supreme Court is going to hear the case of Metrish v. Lancaster, concerning a Michigan man (Burt Lancaster, believe it or not) who shot and killed his girlfriend in 1993. He asserted defenses of insanity and diminished capacity during … Continue reading

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One Bad Effect of PPACA/Obamacare

I’m fortunate to have good health insurance. Having lived for a few years without any, I’m not oblivious to that. I’m particularly grateful at the moment, since I got a piece of dead bug exoskeleton stuck to my eye Saturday* that I could not … Continue reading

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Bad Measurements

As a policy guy, I’m a staunch believer in assessment and evaluation, but I hate bad measurements. Unfortunately, bad measurements are so much easier than good measurements, and recently I’ve been required to comply with two particularly bad measurements. One … Continue reading

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Technology in the Classroom

I don’t let students use their cell phones or laptops in class. My main reason has been the distraction it provides for other students, particularly when someone is using their laptop for non-academic purposes (where “non-academic” is a euphemism for … Continue reading

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Bad Idea

A store in Australia has decided to charge a $5 dollar browsing fee, refundable upon making a purchase. This is an awesomely bad idea. How on earth would you enforce it? Prevent a customer from leaving the store until he … Continue reading

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Mandatory Gun Ownership Is Small Government?

Nelson, Georgia, population 913, has just passed a law “requiring” every household to have a gun and ammunition. As Executive Vice President of the American Small Government Society, I demand that these so-called conservatives surrender their small government cards immediately. … Continue reading

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Political Truth of the Day

“I found it easier to make cuts with welfare and healthcare because we have been fortunate enough to never have had to struggle with either one of these.” I have my students do an online budget simulator, and write a … Continue reading

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