Marginalism in Everything: Cocoa Krispies Edition

My kids, like most, love chocolate cereal. So they were excited about a month ago when we were given six boxes of Cocoa Krispies. The first box went in just over one day. The second box took about three days. Three weeks later they hadn’t yet finished the last box. I adore my little homo economoci

I’m reminded of when my brother and I wanted a magic kit that we could get if we just at god-knows-how-many boxes of King Vitamin cereal. We were sick to death of the stuff by the time we got enough coupons to get the magic set. And we never ate it again. I wonder if anyone in their marketing department understood the concept of marginalism.

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James Hanley is former Associate Professor of Political Science at Adrian College and currently an independent scholar.
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3 Responses to Marginalism in Everything: Cocoa Krispies Edition

  1. Scott Hanley says:

    And the magic set was lame, too.

  2. James Hanley says:

    I don’t know. Cardboard always seemed pretty high tech to me. Heck, you made a whole submarine out of cardboard (which was a damn sight better than the magic kit!).

  3. Troublesome Frog says:

    My intro micro professor used to demonstrate the concept by bringing in a big box of doughnuts and feeding them one at a time to the biggest guy in the class over the course of an 80 minute lecture.

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