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I Could Already Be a Winner!

This hit my inbox yesterday, one of the more amusing scam emails I’ve received. Dear E-mail User; You have a package that contains a bank draft of £5,00,000.00GBP from the Massachusetts UK Lottery. Contact Rose Fenty (Online Coordinator) for claims … Continue reading

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Interesting, but What Does it Mean?

Thomas Caton and Marcus Walker have an article at  WSJ about the prospect of economically struggling EU states leaving the Euro, that includes this interesting-but-what-does-it-mean graph. Like the graph, the article focuses almost solely on the economic decline in these … Continue reading

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The 51st State…and More?

I’ll bet you didn’t know this. The 51st State Party is a political party in New Zealand. It advocates New Zealand becoming the 51st state of the United States of America. The party’s secretary is Paulus Telfer, a former Christchurch … Continue reading

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Found Humor

On the website for the Chicago Architectural Foundation’s river cruises: Instead of lifting concrete bucket by bucket up to the top of the Trump Tower, the construction team purchased a 680-horsepower Putzmeister 1400 pump to push the concrete up hundreds … Continue reading

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The most interesting sentence I’ve read this week: From the beginning, it was evident that the Kern River field was rich with oil, millions upon millions of barrels. (A barrel, the unit of oil measurement, is 42 gallons; depending on … Continue reading

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Strategic Analysis of the Sequester

One of my Political Behavior students wrote a nice strategic analysis of the sequester and its failure. His theoretical basis was the concept of brinkmanship, originally devised by Thomas Schelling, and concludes that the sequester is a good example of … Continue reading

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Instantly, Eventually

The best line of a student essay in this term’s competition discusses the U.S. response to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor: Instantly, months later, the United States accelerated it nuclear weapon program. Perhaps the student was thinking in geologic … Continue reading

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How Should We Count?

Just for kicks, here’s one of the assignments I give students in my American Gov’t class. It’s a vote-counting assignment, calculating an election using different methods of counting the votes. The idea is to get them to understand that there … Continue reading

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