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Unsurprisingly, opponents of SSM are not happy with the 9th Circuit lifting the stay on granting same-sex marriage licenses. They think they should have had a chance to appeal the Supreme Court’s ruling. Among other arguments, the application also stated … Continue reading

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Another Victory for Equality

A federal judge has blocked a Michigan law that banned public agencies from giving health care benefits to partners of same-sex couples. According to the judge; “It is hard to argue with a straight face that the primary purpose — … Continue reading

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The DOMA Decision

Since the world wouldn’t be complete without my two cents on the Supreme Court’s rulings in Windsor and Hollingsworth, it’s my duty to comment. First, DOMA

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The Prop 8 Punt

The world needs my input on contemporary issues, so… Second, Prop 8.

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Holding My Breath

Tomorrow? If not, then probably later this week the Supreme Court will finally release their DOMA and Prop 8 decisions. A fine sense of drama these Supremes have, but Amy Howe at Scotusblog explains why, as pure drama, the outcome … Continue reading

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Oh, Sh*t

As I began prepping today to remove and replace a section of wood siding on my house, I noticed a piece of loose wood beneath the dining room window, pulled it, and discovered this. Here’s a closer view (click on … Continue reading

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SSM Cases Finally?

Scotusblog reports that they expect the Court to report new opinions tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:00 a.m. Perhaps we’ll finally get the DOMA and Prop 8 cases. The tension is getting to me like no other issue has before…and I’m straight. … Continue reading

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Let’s All Pee In the Penguin

I can’t imagine buying one of these, and I don’t think it’s just because I only have daughters. But there are enough different models of toddler urinals that there must be substantial demand. But why? Peeing standing up is not … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court’s June Swoon

We’re deep into June now, when SCOTUS traditionally launches a volley of end-of-term decisions. I’m anxiously awaiting decisions in the SSM cases, but no word on them yet. However the Supremes did put out a whopper of a 5th Amendment … Continue reading

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How Many States?

Here’s a question I asked in a comment at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen. Scenario: Imagine you’ve been appointed to a commission to redraw state boundaries in the U.S. Ignore the improbability of that happening, ignore the political battles over … Continue reading

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