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George Zimmerman, Pseudo Free Thought, and Mob Justice

I have no brief for George Zimmerman. I think he acted like an idiot the night he killed Trayvon Martin–an adrenaline pumped wannabe cop; just the kind of guy who would have wanted a brown shirt and jackboots in the … Continue reading

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Holy Fucking Yikes!

I just got an email that this whacko blog with a bizarre anti-Jesuit fixation is now following my blog. Go check it out. It’s, uhmm, special. And since I can’t readily find a way to either comment or send them … Continue reading

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The Best and Worst Independence Day Essay of 2013

From James Traub, writing in Foreign Policy. The American people have learned in recent weeks that their government has been engaged in a vast surveillance effort of which they knew nothing… What Snowden revealed must be fixed, rather than abolished… … Continue reading

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Not So Great

If the weekend is so great, why does Saturday have turd in it?

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The Good News? White Sorority Girls Learn First-hand What It’s Like to Be Black

The intertoobz are ablaze with the story of a group of University of Virginia coeds who were surrounded by police who mistook their bottled water for illegally purchases beer. The major media sources….not so much. As it is being reported, … Continue reading

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