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Giving Up on Democracy?

My friend P.J. asked me recently if I thought it was possible that the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party had given up on “trying to win a democratic game.” That is, have they decided–finally realized, is perhaps more … Continue reading

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Somebody Doesn’t Like Me

Some of you may remember Tim Kowal, who used to comment at Positive Liberty. He blogs now at a sub-blog of Ordinary Times (until recently The League of Ordinary Gentlemen). He recently put up a post about abortion, which he’s … Continue reading

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Dr. H Goes High Tech

Meet my new course packet for my Political Science Career Seminar class. Most of the readings we hand out in our Political Science Career Seminar are on-line, and it’s always struck as slightly silly to print, make multiple copies of, … Continue reading

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Obama’s FISA Court Smokescreen

President Obama is making good sounds about reforming the process of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court’s review of National Security Agency (NSA) requests to surveil the public through collection of phone records. But is there reason to trust him? … Continue reading

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Messiah Isn’t a Name

You’ve probably heard by now about the judge who changed a baby’s name from Messiah to Martin in resolution of a naming dispute between estranged parents, but the brouhaha isn’t complete until I’ve bitched about it. “The word messiah is … Continue reading

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Damning the Disabled (or, What Process Is Due?)

[previously posted at Ordinary Times.] Davonte Sanford claims he’s innocent of the murders of four people committed five years ago. A former hit man has apparently claimed responsibility for the killings, told police where the gun could be found, and … Continue reading

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A Weird Occurrence

I went to the public library today to pay off my chikdten’s accumulated overdue fines, which collectively amounted to nearly $80, and pick up another John Le Carre novel, the second in my resolution to read all his books in … Continue reading

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Libertarian Labor Exchange

We libertarians are all about markets, right? Well, only if we use a very broad definition of markets (as I am inclined to do) that includes all voluntary exchange. But lots of folks, I think–most critics of libertarianism included–distinguish between … Continue reading

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Nebraska: Just Thinking of the Children

On I-80 in Nebraska we passed temporary signs of the “road construction ahead” sort, but these said “drug dog in operation” and “police drug check point ahead.” As it turned out, there were no cops or dogs ahead. But if … Continue reading

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Darth Vader Just Won’t Quit

A long time ago in a galaxy far away the Empire had two Death Stars destroyed. But today in this galaxy they seem to be trying again in Nevada. Or, given that 90% of Nevada is federally owned, perhaps it’s … Continue reading

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