My Weekend in Pictures

Fixing my mom’s roof where some shingles came off.


After imageNo, I didn’t put on different color shingles. That’s just a trick of the light.

Went with mom and an old friend to a high school football game at my alma mater. (To me, high school football only right when played within sight of cornfields.)

And a barn fire in the town of Woodburn (really). I could feel the heat as I drove by, but it looked as though it might have been a controlled burn.

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J@m3z Aitch is a two-bit college professor who'd rather be canoeing.
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5 Responses to My Weekend in Pictures

  1. Dr X says:

    Burning barn, nice catch!

  2. J@m3z Aitch says:

    I’m nowhere near as accomplished a street photographer as you. But since I carry a camera with me everywhere (one with a built-in phone), maybe I’ll try a little more.

  3. lancifer666 says:

    Nice work on the shingles. Your mom’s roof has a low enough pitch to be less life threatening.

    I finished installing the double insulated stainless fireplace venting, and building the plywood chase around it, for the fireplace in the parlor. I subcontracted out the brick work. Building a thirty foot, ornate Victorian, chimney is well outside of my modest masonry skills.

    Especially since the second story portion is right behind our bed’s head board. I don’t want to wake up with my chimney in the bed! (Or maybe never wake up at all.)

    This is the first time in over twelve years that anyone one but me (or people working with me) has worked on my house. it feels a bit strange.

    But it is nice to see work getting done and not be the one grinding it out! Of course the $2,000 I’m paying these guys diminishes the glow somewhat.

  4. J@m3z Aitch says:

    $2000 doesn’t seem like a bad price, although it’s still a chunk of change.

    Yes, I like my mom’s roof. I feel comfortable walking around on it. Unlike your roof or mine. When I replaced my chimney cap I had to scramble madly just to get up the slope, then hang onto the chimney for dear life so I didn’t slide right back down.

    By the way, with any luck we’ll finally finish painting that corner of the house this weekend, and I’ll post befor and after pics.

  5. lancifer666 says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the photos of that area (and your “ivory tower”) after you paint.

    The $2,000 is just labor. I’ll have about $3,000 in it when it’s finished, which still isn’t too bad for a custom Victorian style 30 foot chimney. I’ll send you some photos of the chimney and the rest of the progress on my house soon.

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