Give Me Your Feedback, Please

I normally write my posts here in a smaller font, because it looks neater to me, but I worry that some people may find it irritating. In the two posts immediately preceding this one, I have written one with the smaller font and one with the larger font (that is the default for my blog template). Please look at them and let me know if you have a preference. If there is a prominent collective preference, I’ll be happy to satisfy it.

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J@m3z Aitch is a two-bit college professor who'd rather be canoeing.
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3 Responses to Give Me Your Feedback, Please

  1. Troublesome Frog says:

    I use the venerable “ctrl+” and “ctrl-” to adjust fonts instinctively, so I have to admit that I don’t usually notice the difference. I’m in my early 30s, but I tend to run my fonts in “old geezer” mode because I stare at code all day. I also make sure that I get my eyeglass prescriptions updated as often as my insurance allows it. It’s just easier on the brain that way. I’m done with eyestrain.

  2. Dr X says:

    I prefer larger and go with Times New Roman at 13pt, except when I use a mobile app that doesn’t offer that increment, so then I go with 12pt if I don’t feel like cutting and pasting font code.

    I once looked into some research on easiest font to read among the common fonts included in Word and typical compose boxes. Sadly, Comic Sans is easiest on the eyes and easiest to proof. When I really care about avoiding errors (in professional work), I compose in comic sans and then reformat.

    I guess that’s more than you asked about. I vote larger. :-)

  3. pierrecorneille says:

    I can’t honestly say I realized, at least on a conscious level, the difference between the different fonts until you pointed them out.

    I suppose I like the larger font better.

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