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$1 Billion for Free Tuition?

Two days ago USA Today had an article on colleges that are cutting tuition to lure more students in. This is mostly among private colleges that have struggled in recent years to lure students in, as their tuition prices have … Continue reading

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Give Me Your Feedback, Please

I normally write my posts here in a smaller font, because it looks neater to me, but I worry that some people may find it irritating. In the two posts immediately preceding this one, I have written one with the … Continue reading

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DOJ and DOE(ducation) Ignore the Supreme Court

It’s no secret to followers of either constitutional law or bureaucratic politics that our executive branch agencies often try to effectively rewrite the law through their own administrative rule-making and definition of terms. It’s troublesome enough when they try to … Continue reading

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Autonomy Now! Driverless Car Update

Mercedes-Benz has now experimented with a driverless car, sending it on a 100 km journey that included passing through towns, stopping at red lights, and negotiating traffic circles. Apparently this was all done with off-the-shelf technology, and they hope to … Continue reading

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Techno-Idiocy in the Educational Bureaucracy

When my local school district began loaning Ipads to all high school students, the District Superintendent was very excited to announce this great new educational opportunity. But exactly how these gizmos were going to improve students’ education, well, that wasn’t … Continue reading

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God: Rational, but not Smart?

In response to a comment at Ordinary Times (nee League of Ordinary Gentlemen; formerly referred to just as the League, but henceforth to be referenced as “the Ordinary”), I remembered the Old Testament story of the golden calf. Moses has … Continue reading

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Street Photography 1: Studying

Inspired (at least for the moment) to do some street photography using my clock with the built-in phone. This is in our student center, through the second floor railing, while I waited for a meeting.

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My Weekend in Pictures

Fixing my mom’s roof where some shingles came off. Before After No, I didn’t put on different color shingles. That’s just a trick of the light. Went with mom and an old friend to a high school football game at … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Professor Coase

Economist Ronald Coase died today. He was 102 years old. To pin his career down to two articles is to say not nearly enough, but two in particular have been hugely influential, both to the discipline and to my own … Continue reading

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