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#1 Christian Movie in Theaters!

That’s what the email about “Final: The Rapture” said, so I guess it’s true. Of course considering how few Christian movies show up in the theaters, I’d wager that each of them has been the #1 Christian Movie in Theaters! … Continue reading

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A Grab Bag of Thoughts

But I Already Have Health Insurance! A friend told me last night that even though he already buys individual health insurance, according to the feds it’s not sufficient, so he’ll have to upgrade. Maybe with the exchanges the price will … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Takes Town Board Meetings Prayer Case

The Supreme Court has accepted a case asking the question of whether beginning a town board/city commission meeting with prayer violates the Establishment Clause. I’m surprised they’ve actually decided to do this, and worried that it’s only being taken because … Continue reading

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Michigan Attorney General’s Office’s Contradiction on Same-Sex Marriage

April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse want to get married and adopt each other’s children, but the state of Michigan has laws against both of those actions, so they have sued the state in federal district court. The State of Michigan, … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Governor’s Non-Apology and Same-Sex Marriage in New Jersey (and maybe Michigan)

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbetts, responding to an aide’s comparison of same-sex marriage to the marriage of twelve-year olds: “It was an inappropriate analogy. I think a much better analogy would have been brother and sister, don’t you?” Oh, that’s offensive? … Continue reading

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Small n Oddities

I have a class with 20 students. Exactly half of them have last names beginning with either “H” or “S,” with each of those names being exactly half of that half. It’s a really weird set of names to put … Continue reading

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Up the block from my house.

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Congressional Abdication

My regular readers (assuming it’s possible to be a “regular” reader of such an irregular blog) know my concern about the expansion of executive power in the U.S. I see evidence all around, which suggests either that I’m right or … Continue reading

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On Budget Negotiations

Republicans seem to have dropped their demands fir defunding Obamacare. First they shifted to a proposal to just delay it for a year and eliminate the meducal device tax. Now they’re hardly mentioning it at all. Instead, they just want … Continue reading

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Hudson Auto Museum

Hudson Auto Museum, Ypsilanti, MI. Oct. 4, 2013.

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