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Pity the Birds

Popehat has good commenters.

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My New Environmental Policy Blog

I’ve launched a new environmental policy blog, at It’s primarily for my present and past Environmental Politics students, but open to anyone. The concept is to link to interesting and thought-provoking articles on environmental issues, from a variety of … Continue reading

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Has the ACA Bent the Health Care Cost Curve?

White House advisor David Cutler says yes: In 2007, Obama asserted that his health-care reform plan would save $2,500 per family relative to the trends at the time… Yet events have shown him to be right. Between early 2009 and … Continue reading

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Writing on a Deadline?

This is old, from 2011, but I just now stumbled across it while looking up other stuff. It’s Krugman, blaming an increase in the price of gold on….Glenn Beck. Don’t take my word for it; read it yourself. Krugman quotes … Continue reading

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The Nuclear Option, or Getting Burned By Your Own Scorched Earth Politics

As an Amerjcan Political Scientist who teaches American Government, I’m professionally and contractually obligated to both hold and express an opinion on the Senate Democrats’ actuon to eliminate filibustering of presidential nominees. That opinion is expressed most succinctly in this … Continue reading

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I Need Validation

You commenters are an interesting bunch, and seem like pretty nice people for the most part (you exceptions know who you are!), but you don’t give me enough validation. Neither does WordPress, which for some reason hides all the really … Continue reading

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Curiously Specific

I saw a television ad this morning that claimed “fixing America’s broken immigration system” will cause the economy to grow at 5.4% a year. I’m reminded of Paul Krugman’s old discussion of NAFTA’s likely effect on the economy–skewering both the … Continue reading

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The Media Are Morons (as usual)

The local Tim Hortons is a convenient place to grade papers. But it runs FoxNews continuously, and sometimes I can’t help but overhear the inanities of its talking heads. This morning some vaguely pretty blonde told me that the Supreme … Continue reading

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What, Cops Can’t Do That?

A 16 year old Detroit girl was thrown to the ground and had her cell phone stolen by a thug. Fortunately for her, daddy is a cop. Unfortunately for him, he’s an asshole cop. Despite both being off-duty, he and … Continue reading

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TSA: Unclear on the Concept

The General Accounting Administration has criticized the TSA’s “Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques” (SPOT) program, designed to help catch terrorists by detecting suspicious behavior, as a waste of money that does nothing to enhance security. The GAO said TSA … Continue reading

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