Take 2 (more)

First Illinois, and now Hawai’i, where the same-sex marriage debate began in earnest about a generation ago. That’s 16 states plus D.C. now, encompassing 98.5 million Americans, about 31% of the population.

And in New Mexico, the only state that neither prohibits not allows SSM, some county clerks are testing the waters by issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Meanwhile the state’s Supreme Court has heard oral arguments on the matter and it’s ruling is awaited. In that care, though, it’s not plaintiffs arguing for SSM but against the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses and a request by all the state’s countu clerks for a rulong to clarify the matter. Two district court judges have already ruled that the state cobstitution’s equal protection clause. I’m pretty optimistic about that one.

Hawai’i’s legalization is intetrsting for another reason as well. The state legislature voted to legalize SSM, and a judge refused a request to block implementation of the based on a voter-approved 1998 constitutional amendment intended to block SSM. The text of the amendment says ‘The legislature shall have power to reserve marriage to opposite-sex couples.” The plaintiffs argued that the voters thought they were voting to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Well, they may have thought do, but the text quite clearly says something different, allowing the legislature to do it that way, but not requiring it to. That’s a common problem with direct democracy. I always find it amusing.

All this good news about SSM makes me very happy. People I care about are going to have the same rights as me.

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  1. pierrecorneille says:

    I was taken by surprise when Illinois voted for equality. I knew the bill was pending, but I thought no way in hell would the General Assembly enact it. When I heard that it had passed the House and that the Senate would approve, I was pretty excited.

    I generally dislike House Speaker Madigan, but he apparently did enough to bring the decisive 3 or 4 votes. Good on him and good on Illinois.

  2. Dr X says:

    Pierre, Madigan played a part in the passage, but the devil did most of the work. How can you lose with the Prince of Darkness in your corner? http://tinyurl.com/nc7vow3

  3. lancifer666 says:

    Dr X,

    Maybe the good Bishop should perform an exorcism to cast the demons out of the Catholic Church that “possessed” so many priests to rape children before he worries about the marital status of consenting adults in Illinois.

  4. Dr X says:

    Lance, Paprocki also blamed the devil for the sex scandal problems, not for causing the priests to abuse children, but for motivating all the terrible people who sued the church. I kid you not.


  5. lancifer666 says:

    Dr X,

    His “Christian love” is inspiring.

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