What, Cops Can’t Do That?

A 16 year old Detroit girl was thrown to the ground and had her cell phone stolen by a thug. Fortunately for her, daddy is a cop. Unfortunately for him, he’s an asshole cop. Despite both being off-duty, he and a fellow cop traced the cell phone and confronted the thief and two other men at gunpoint (remember, they’re off-duty), struck one of them in the face, and took the phone plus $300 and a bag of pot. And they now face charges of armed robbery.

Fools. If they’d waited until they were on duty they could have done the exact same thing under color of law.

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2 Responses to What, Cops Can’t Do That?

  1. Troublesome Frog says:

    But then they don’t get to keep the $300 and the pot. If you do it off duty, you keep the loot and odds are still good that your fellow officers will extend you the professional courtesy of not arresting you for armed robbery. Gambled and lost.

  2. J@m3z Aitch says:

    I’m less inclined to believe that police always report everything they confiscate from subjects.

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