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Say What?

I’m spending my Christmas vacation prepping a new course on globalization, which involves reading every one of the 71 articles in a globalization reader to see which ones I want to use. An in a piece on global organized crime … Continue reading

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This comes from Alan LeMay’s novel The Searchers (you may have seen the film, starring John Wayne), where he’s writing about trade between Euro-Americans and Native Americans in the late 19th century. And they took a great quantity of sheet-iron … Continue reading

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Come Again?

“It is a Fight That We All Must Prevail Against to Make Our Country What it is Today” That’s the title of the student’s paper. Reading the paper itself didn’t help.

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Winter Is Here

If it’s going to be so cold, at least we have a nice snow to go with it. And it’s on a weekend, so we don’t have to go anywhere and the kids can have some fun. Not really a … Continue reading

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More on the 4 vs. 6 Point Grade Scale

A few days ago I wrote about shifting from a 4 point, GPA-based, grading scale to a 6 point scale, still based on the GPA scale but with some weight added to the bottom end, to make non-submissions weigh more … Continue reading

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More Austerity Success?

Tyler Cowen quotes Ari Shavit on Stanley Fischer: …he [Fischer] utters the relevant figures in slow, measured, Anglo-Saxon Hebrew. In the years 2004 to 2008, Israel’s average annual growth rate was 5.2 percent. While the world was in crisis in … Continue reading

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Everybody Talks About the Weather

It’s 9 degrees this morning. Yesterday it was 22. Normally I don’t mind cold weather. In fact I don’t usually consider 22 to be particularly cold. But I was cold yesterday, and I’m sure I’ll be cold when I step … Continue reading

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Vouchers, Mutatis Mutandis

Protestors blocked a Google bus in San Francisco. Google uses private buses to transport employees to its campus, but critics have an oddly familiar complaint. Foes say the buses jam up municipal bus stops and remove potential customers from cash-strapped … Continue reading

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80% of Success Is Showing Up

The title reflects the only words of Woody Allen I’ve ever cared to remember. I wish all students could grasp the concept. I don’t normally have a formal attendance requirement, but in my intro level course I have a short … Continue reading

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Best White Christmas Ever

If you don’t love this, your heart is three sizes too small. Thank you, Christopher Bill, you’ve got incredible talent and you just made my day. Check out some of his other videos. The guy’s got talent. He’s also got … Continue reading

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