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The Effects of Minimum Wage

With talk about increasing the minimum wage up to $10+/hour, the econ blogs have been alive with minimum wage chatter the last week or so, and purely coincidentally one of my students presented his senior research on the effects of … Continue reading

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On Grading Scales

The standard grading scale is base 10 and sets the pass/fail frontier at 60%. Why? What’s magical about 60%? It seems pretty arbitrary to me. If there’s a meaningful logic to this, nobody’s ever told me what it is, and … Continue reading

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Street Photography: Herrick Chapel

Maybe this isn’t really street photography, since there’s no street and no people, but I thought the view from the classroom toward our college’s chapel looked nice on this lovely fall day.

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Going Native (Inside the Beltway)

I always tell my students that Senators and Representatives are more in touch with their constituents than most people think. Re-election depends on it, so they pay attention to the hometown newspapers and host town-hall meetings and coffee hours when … Continue reading

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