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Foreign Policy 101 for Secretaries of State

According to Secretary of State John Kerry, That means that Bashar al-Assad will not be part of that transitional government. There is no way, not possible in the imagination, that the man who has lead the brutal response to his … Continue reading

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I’m Certified!

Can I put this on my CV? Granted, Marginal Revolution University isn’t accredited (but it’s also free–I assume there’s a positive correlation between those two variables), but it’s courses are taught by highly qualified economists. OK, so it won’t get … Continue reading

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Why, Yes, Dave Agema, I Do

Dave Agema, one of Michigan’s representatives to the Republican National Committee, reposted on Facebook an anti-Muslim screed that’s reportedly been circulating for years. You know those things your friends forward on to you that you’re smart enough to ignore, or … Continue reading

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Things That Come Out Wrong

In my Globalization class, discussing the theoretical justification for free trade and its effects on jobs: I can get a television made in other countries, but I can’t get a massage from abroad.

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The American Police State

ppnl referenced it in the police malpractice thread, so I’m going to highlight it here. Police in Orange County, California, who beat a mentally ill and homeless man, Kelly Thomas, to death were acquitted. “These peace officers were doing their … Continue reading

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Burnin’ Down the House!

The lightbulbs in our dining room light fixture burned out…again. I replace them 3-4 times a year, but this time I’d had it. So, in tune with our recent discussion about energy efficiency, I decided to replace the incandescent bulbs … Continue reading

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Proposal: Police Malpractice Insurance

A proposal from Popehat’s Clark: In a better world, cops would have to buy malpractice insurance. Dangerous cops would have to pay more, leading some to change careers.

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Suffering from Government Overreach

The temperature dropped to negative 16 Fahrenheit last night, and in a draft old house like mine, even our new high efficiency furnace couldn’t keep up. We even had a small space heater going, and the house still was below … Continue reading

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