I’m Certified!

MRU Certificate Intl Trade

Can I put this on my CV? Granted, Marginal Revolution University isn’t accredited (but it’s also free–I assume there’s a positive correlation between those two variables), but it’s courses are taught by highly qualified economists.

OK, so it won’t get me a pay raise or promotion, but nonetheless it was a good use of my time. I gained some more depth in the economic understanding of trade, which is useful for my Globalization class. They have series on other topics, too (including, inter alia, developmental economics, economics of the media, great economists, etc), which I plan to peruse for fun and (non-monetary) profit. Each lecture is a video (PowerPointish, not just a video capture of the speaker) and they seem to run from about 3 minutes to about 8 minutes long. And at least for the videos I’ve seen so far, they do a good job of breaking things down into pretty clear language for the intelligent layperson.

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  1. Matty says:

    I’m glad you spelt out the full name, lets be honest a course from “Mr. University” would not inspire confidence. Though I suppose he could lift some really heavy books for you.

  2. lancifer666 says:

    Did you mean you are “certifiable”?

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