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A Comparative Curiousity

My students tend to get confused between a unitary form of government (a single national-level government, as opposed to a federal system) and unicameralism (having one house of the legislature). So I put together this handy chart using the countries … Continue reading

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What I’m Not Reading

I get regular emails from publishers who think they’ve got a hot new book for me. Collectively, they’re a good case study in how difficult targeting your actual customer base really is. Today’s solicitation produced a real groaner. Present Shock: … Continue reading

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Same-Sex Marriage, the Judiciary, and Democracy

My response to comments on my Same Sex Marriage Roundup post grew sufficiently in length that I decided to make it a post. ppnl asked, How do you feel about the fact that mostly this “new right” is being delivered … Continue reading

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A Same Sex Marriage Roundup

[Note: A version of this was previously posted at Ordinary Times’ Love Symposium.] Following the Supreme Court’s rulings last spring in U.S. v. Windsor and Hollingsworth v. Perry we’ve had a flurry of activity on the same sex marriage front. … Continue reading

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I’ll Take Humorless Douches for $1000, Alex

Remember Michael Heath? Who could forget, right? I just had an amusing encounter with him at Ed Brayton’s blog. Brayton was writing about a Worldnet Daily review of the Ken Hamm–Bill Nye debate. I guess it’s good that someone is … Continue reading

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Utterly Predictable

Over at the Daily Beast, Dean Obeidallah writes; At this point, we shouldn’t be shocked by the intolerance of some towards immigrants and other cultures. But who could’ve predicted the outrage we saw over the Coca-Cola commercial that aired during … Continue reading

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