I’m a Scum-sucking Piece of Shit

I just got a deligtful email from a David Patrick at davidp070@yahoo.com. Here’s the entire text of the email.

I just read your discussion of “Fuck You, I Got Mine” Libertarianism

What a lying, unintelligent scum-sucking piece of shit you are.

It’s a truly impressive argument he makes, isn’t it? I’m almost persuaded.

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6 Responses to I’m a Scum-sucking Piece of Shit

  1. trumwill says:

    Well, better your email box than playing whack-a-mole at Ordinary Times.

    What conversation is he referring to?

  2. J@m3z Aitch says:


    I’m not sure which conversation he’s referring to. I’ve had so many of them about that topic. ;)

  3. Also, Dude, “fuck you, I got mine” libertarian is not the preferred nomenclature. Objectivist, please.

  4. madrocketscientist says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  5. Matty says:

    For what it’s worth a google search on that email address turns up three links, two back here and one to a site claiming to list addresses that have been hacked so the sender may well not be a David Patrick, even if the original account holder was.

  6. ppnl says:

    Why use a hacked email when it is so easy to create a junk email account?

    But then why send such a content free email anyway.

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