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Politics Remains Stupid

Senator Jeff Sessions won the 2006 “Guardian of Small Business” award from the National federation of Independent Businesses, so he should be pro-business, right? But here he is now denying the right of business owners to hire whom they want. … Continue reading

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The Zendaya Comments Weren’t Racist

Today’s meme is that the comments by (the heretofore unknown to me) Giuliana Rancic about (the heretofore unknown to me) Zendaya’s dreadlocks were racist (see here and here, for example. I call bullshit. Rancic apparently said ““I feel like she … Continue reading

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Warren Michigan Mayor James Fouts Doesn’t Respect the Constitution

The Warren, Michigan, city hall has a prayer station, so resident Douglas Marshall decided to seek permission to create a reason station to complement it. Permission denied, lawsuits ensue, and now a federal judge has required the city to allow … Continue reading

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Michael Cain Maps States’ Tax-donor Status

Guest Post by Michael Cain Back in this post the subject of states that are net federal tax donors and tax recipients came up in the comments. D. C. Sessions pointed at the Wikipedia article [1] on the topic and … Continue reading

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Three Thoughts on Obama’s Interview

In an attempt to look like a legitimate newssource, BuzzFeed’s editor in chief finagled an interview with POTUS himself. Herewith, three thoughts in response to what the President said. 1. [T]here is no reason for an employer who is not … Continue reading

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Stakes on a Plane

I’m heading to Belize in 18 days with my students, and we’re taking two tents. I’m also hoping to avoid checking a bag, so I’d like to put the tents in our carry-on luggage. But while I’m sure the tents … Continue reading

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Should Adjuncts Should Be Paid $15,000 per Course?

[Co-published at Hit Coffee] The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has proposed that adjuncts should get paid $15,000 per course. [O]rganizers argue that if you’re teaching a full load of three courses per semester, that comes out to $90,000 in … Continue reading

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Can Everybody Please Just Shut Up Already?

You’d think by now that Republican politicians would realize that downplaying rape by focusing on the resulting babies is a bad combination of stepping in shit and putting your foot in your mouth. But West Virginia State Delegate Brian Kurcaba … Continue reading

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Why I’m Glad Congress Invited Netanyahu to Speak

There’s outrage among Democrats and probably smirking satisfaction among Republicans about Speaker of the House John Boehner’s invitation to have Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speak to a joint session of Congress. While I like respect for both Boehner (who … Continue reading

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