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6 Responses to Brisk

  1. ppnl says:

    12F? Hell it got down to 9F here in Georgia last night. One town was forecast to reach 1F but I have no idea if they reached it.

    No wind so no wind chill. But I did let the dog in.

  2. Lancifer says:

    Brutal here in Indy as well, but as your “alert” says, much warmer than yesterday when the high was 2F.

  3. James Hanley says:

    ppnl, 12 isn’t really the issue here. ;)

  4. AMW says:

    Yeah, it’s been chilly in Orange County, too. The high was only 68 today. What the hell?

  5. ppnl says:

    “Yeah, it’s been chilly in Orange County, too. The high was only 68 today. What the hell?”

    Yes but what was the wind chill?

  6. D. C. Sessions says:

    Rub it in, why don’t you?

    Yesterday was the “coldest” day in weeks at our ski area (9400 feet) and it didn’t quite get down to freezing. High boots required to walk across the infield. If it freezes tonight (and it’s not looking likely; the nearest weather station is reporting 36F) it’ll just mean that we have a skating rink.

    Yeah, moderately low temperatures like you’re reporting are uncomfortable — but the ones we have here mean that forests die.

    Perversly, the temperature outside my window right now is 23F and scattered snow. Fat lot of good that does.

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